Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The lost art of building with your hands"

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. And rest is what I need after a very busy but FUN weekend.

As I sat reading the paper I came across the article in Parade Magazine by Mitch Albom called "the Lost art of Building with Your Hands". In the article is a story about an amazing young man from southeast Africa who had NO resources except and a book with pictures, idea, garbage, and hands with which he made a small windmill that produced enough energy to power one light bulb. What joy and hope he brought to his humble village.

In reading this article I couldn't help but compare my daughters, Mique and Jessica to this special young man. Yesterday they saw the fruits of months of preparation as the held their first "Queen Bee Market". It was a huge success! Something they conceived in their minds, and made happen.

When they first told me their idea I was skeptical, to say the least. Not that I don't think they are capable. They both have so much talent! No, they are both just so incredibly BUSY with their every-day lives. But, despite my concerns, they planned and worked and worked some more. And it payed off in a big way. They created something to be so proud of. Kinda like "Field of Dreams", "if you build it, they will come". And come they did! It was AWESOME!!!

No, they didn't change a village. But they created a very special event, involved family, even giving back to 2 special charities.

This (tired) mom couldn't be more proud of 2 very special daughters. Thanks for letting me share this experience with you!


Friday, March 12, 2010

This morning, as I was working on a sewing project, I turned on the TV to the Today Show. The host was interviewing a couple who's 16 month old son had recently nearly drowned in the bathtub. I almost changed the channel, as any reference to drowning is difficult for me to hear. But I felt compelled to "stay tuned". As I listened to their story I realized how close to our own story it was. So many similarities!!! Even the outcome was the almost same. I couldn't stop the tears. The memories of almost losing Tony, then the road to his miraculous recovery....

I reflect on the past 27 years since that horrible, miraculous accident. Horrible because my son came so incredibly close to death. Miraculous because the dr.s gave him so little chance of living, and even smaller chances of being "normal". I knew then how blessed we were and that our prayers were answered by a loving Heavenly Father. I knew that I had been given an awesome responsibility to be the best mother I could be.

I know now that he is special in so many ways. I know how lucky I am to be his mother, and to have had him in my life for the past 28 years.

Now my responsibility is to watch him as he shares his gifts with the world one day at a time. To continue to love him. To have faith that he is all that he was meant to be.

I love you, T!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grammy's kids

I know... I haven't been good at updating this blog. It's not because I haven't thought of it a million times in the past 2 months. I have written several posts in my head. I just have a hard time making dreams reality when it comes to using technology. But today I'm determined to post, even if it doesn't turn out as well as I'd like. (It's hard to blog when I have kids that are SO PRO at this stuff!!!! Makes a mom proud but intimidated!!!)

Anyway, we have a new addition to the family. Henry Randall Erickson was born on March 18. I was so lucky to be at the hospital with his big brother when he arrived. Everything went sooo well with the delivery by planned c-section. So much better than Owen's birth. I got to spend a whole week playing with Owen whole mom was in the hospital, and just after she came home. we had a great time! Aunty M came after a week and took over for me.

Jonathan, Julia, and Andrew brought their paernts down for a special weekend a few weeks later. The Padres played the Dodgers for opening day. So Papa and Josh took the boys to the ballgame, complete with Andrew wearing his Manny hat. Julia and I went to the movie to see "Monsters vs. Aliens". The whole gang also went to the beach and had some good fun there.

This past weekend Owen and Henry wanted to see their Grammy and Papa. So as soon as their daddy was finished with his last final, they jumped in the car and headed down, getting in to town at 1 am. The Provosts came down to meet Henry, and Aunt E and Uncle T came for dinner. A couple of beach trips, some visits with friends, and some swimming in the spa made for a fun- if short- trip.

We love you and are so glad you came. Can't wait to see you later this week!!!

Owen & Henry

This Grammy was very happy to have visitors for the weekend. Henry brought his big brother and mom and dad for a quick visit. He wanted to see me and papa and meet his new cousins Julia, Jonathan, and Andrew. He also got to meet Uncle T and Aunt E. He even got 2 trips to the beach. The only bummer was that the visit was a too short.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Our golden boy.....

27 years ago today a baby was born. A boy. After 2 girls. Someone to carry on the Mendioroz name. We were thrilled! Our family was complete.

Life was always exciting as "Anthony Scott Mendioroz" grew up. A long stay in the hospital at he age of 13 months. Countless trips to Grandpa Alder's office to stitch up the latest injury. Trips to the orthopedist to splint broken fingers. Lots of ace bandages to wrap sprained ankles.

All boy..... Baseballs games and video games. Snowboards and surfboards and skateboards and any other kind of board.

Student, missionary, friend, brother, uncle, husband, son...

Somehow he managed to grow up, leaving behind only a few scars. And tons of memories.....

Today we celebrate our son's birthday. His golden birthday. For a golden .... man!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JJ, my joy

Here's our special "JJ"- Jonathan James Provost. "J" could also stand for "Joy".

Born nine years ago. Hard to believe how fast times flies! He's our first grandchild, and so special in so many ways. He's almost always happy and helps me to be more optimistic.

"J" and I have always had a special bond. When he was a baby I felt a little like Sally Fields- "He likes me, he really likes me!" I don't know why that amazed me, but it did. We got to spend lots of time together, especially when his aunt and uncle were on their missions. His mom was an only child for awhile then, and JJ was the only grandchild. As the family started to grow with siblings and more aunts and uncles, we didn't get as much one on one. But that doesn't diminish the bond I feel with him.

Because Jonathan is so special, we celebrate all of his accomplishments. Every one is a milestone. His life reminds me daily that I want to be a better person- a better grammy and mom. I know I have much work to do. But his life encourages me to keep trying, to never give up, to keep up the effort. J always gets an "A" for effort!

I love you JJ! I'm so proud to be your grammy! I was blessed the day you came to our family! Happy Birthday, my special joy!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Made for Christmas

Christmas was home made this year. It started when Jessica, Clint , and Owen came in to town on Dec. 18. The first thing we did was borrow Tony's truck and go to Home Depot for a real tree to decorate as the "kids' tree". For years I have had 2 trees- one for me that's pretty, and one that has all the kids' ornaments....some homemade, some as old as Mique that we had our first Christmas. (Mique was a newborn.) The tree even included the string of cheerios garland that Jessica made while we were still in the Green Orchard house before her mission. Jessica and I had fun decorating and reminiscing.
.Christmas eve was spent here with the Gunderson family joining us for a turkey dinner and a fun game of Hand and Foot. Then it was time for bed.

In the morning we got up and opened presents with the Ericksons. Owen was getting the hang of opening presents, and loved the stuffed talking, singing dog he got. I especially loved the sweater Jessica appliqued for me.
At around noon Mique and fam joined us. We opened more presents. I think everyone loved their gifts. I know I did. Every gift was thoughful. I especially loved the "Chill" picture Mique embroidered for me. An inside joke.

And the necklace from Tony and Erika is just so me! (It's the first pic of this posting because I don't know how to move the pictures around. You know me and technology!)

The best part of this Christmas was the fun we had playing games and spending time together, grandkids playing together and with Grammy and Papa. That is what is truly homemade.... the love that we share! May we have many more.

I love you all.